The importance of partnership: let’s make a difference together!

Education needs cooperation. The more complicated matter we are dealing with, the more resources and perspectives we need. The importance of acting together has been recognized by many cultures for centuries. Let me show you a story from Bhutan called Thuenpa puen shi - cooperation. Once upon a time four animals: a peacock, a rabbit, a monkey and an elephant, were arguing about the access to the tree that bore their favorite fruits. Meanwhile a man appeared and claimed it for himself. Then the animals faced the same problem – how to get the fruit they all loved. They decided to help each other – “I will plant a seed” said the peacock, “I will water it” added the rabbit, “I will fertilize it” the monkey said, “I will protect it” promised the elephant. The seed grew and a small seedling became a tree. A shared effort resulted in fruitful effects for all of them.

Education needs cooperation. Actually, education needs something even more complex – a partnership. All the world knowledge wasn’t gathered by one person – it’s centuries of collective work and sharing ideas. Then comes its implementation, and although in modern world information flows with terrifying velocity, cultivating education in some regions might be as challenging as growing and taking care of the tree from the story above.

In TME Education we recognize the value and importance of partnership. That’s why we pay much attention to establishing various kinds of strong, long-lasting relations that will help our idea bear fruits. Our vision is supported by three pillars, first of them – schools. Cooperation with educational institutions doesn’t mean only providing them with specialized equipment and conducting workshops, it’s also reaching out to their students and recognizing their needs and learning about their goals. Then comes the second pillar – the ambassador. This role was established for a young and proactive person who is not only supposed to represent the project in his or her region and conduct training, but also give another perspective, some insight into the reality we will shape together. Finally comes the third pillar – the business partner. Sometimes reaching overseas is a hardly achievable goal for a single company. However, by joining together and creating developed network and channels, we can all act more efficient and meet the needs of all the parties involved.

A partnership is a relationship based on constant information flow; it requires sharing ideas, perspectives and, most of all, having a shared vision. That is why TME Education is open for new cooperation and invites all those, who want to make a difference to join the cause.

And you? Are you interested in becoming a part of our network? Check the 'Join us!' section and see what we can do together!

Agnieszka Jankowska, TME Education Team