TME Education Training at Kyemutheke Vocational Training Centre.

Kyemutheke Vocational Training Centre is a polytechnic institution located in Kathome town, Machakos County, Kenya. The centre offers artisan courses, which are examined by the National Industrial and Training Authority(NITA).

TME Education Ambassador in Kenya conducted a two-week-long training on electronics and Arduino at the school. Fourteen new students from the electronics department participated in the training.

The first week of the training focused solely on electronics and computer introduction. Majority of the students did not have prior experience with electronics, but the training gave them the opportunity to learn and interact with electronics in a practical approach.

They learned about various electronic components (resistors, capacitors, diodes etc.), their properties and how to assemble a circuit on a breadboard.

On the third day of training, the group was already applying the knowledge that they had been taught by creating projects using TME's Electronics Experiments Kit.

They also learned some core skills, like using a multimeter.

The second week of the training was focused on Arduino. The students had a chance to interact with the new TME Arduino educational board. The introduction to Arduino enabled them to work on simple projects, like using buttons to light LEDs and buzzer and operating a light sensor.

The electronics teacher was also actively involved in the training. He learned some basics of Arduino programming which left him interested and curious to learn more.

The training completed with an assessment test on the final day.

TME Education Training at Kyemutheke Vocational Training Centre TME Education Training at Kyemutheke Vocational Training Centre
Kelvin Kangethe, TME Education Ambassador in Kenya