A Million shades of inspiration – welcome to Tech Master Event!

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard

How would you describe your love for electronics? Is it something that runs in your blood? Or maybe you are the first one in your family to discover it? Are you a solitary creator and prefer to have a tete-a-tete with her or do you prefer using projects as a teambuilding opportunity? Are you more flirting with her to get to know each other better or is it a long-term relationship about which you can talk for hours? Passion for electronics can have many shades and manifest itself in different forms, the most important goal is to find a way to unite them all to make it greater.

Tech Master Event is a platform dedicated to all electronics enthusiasts regardless of their age, experience, location, sex or ethnicity. It aims to encourage them to create a global, multinational network that would help knowledge transfer and idea-sharing. The website is supported by all Internet browser and it’s comfortable for both computer users and those who prefer surfing the Web on their smartphones. How can you enter this world? It’s as simple as entering Tech Master Event website and clicking a “sign-in” button. This way you will get full access to all the platform’s features, interesting articles and, most importantly, to upload your own project and share it with the world. By becoming a part of a bigger community you can impress others with your creations, ask for advice, provide solutions and tips to others or simply admire the variety of approaches and projects. It doesn’t matter if you like socializing or you are more of an introvert type – Tech Master Event is a comfortable environment for growth and interaction. The platform’s policy encourages creativity and interaction. However, it only allows constructive criticism (which is also crucial for one's development) and blocks any kind of offensive behaviour.

The community is Tech Master Event’s core but it also gives opportunities to shine for those, who show outstanding talent and can inspire the rest. It provides various competitions (including a main one named after the platform) that apart from putting their winners in the spotlight offer valuable prizes. Moreover, it connects young inventors with Tech Master Event business partners that by launching their own challenges can look for unique solutions within the community.

People have different stories behind their endeavours with electronics, some of them can be moving or motivational, all of them are genuine. Each one of them can add a new value to the community and make it grow. Doesn’t matter how old you are or what background you have. On Tech Master Event you can teach, learn and become an inspiration for others and others can inspire you!

Agnieszka Jankowska, TME Education Team