Report: TME Education training in Tanzania (February 2018)

At the end of February, TME Education team visited our partners in Tanzania. The first stop was St. Maximilian Primary and Secondary School in Segerea.

St. Maximilian Primary and Secondary School is one of the major schooling institutions in the country. It is attended by around 800 students and provides housing for those from the locations far away. It consists of a nursery, a primary and a secondary school. The institution is paying much attention to the conditions in which their pupils study. Therefore, it is constantly developing its infrastructure, and one of the new spaces will be dedicated to creation of an electronic lab.

TME Education workshops in St. Maximilian Primary and Secondary School, TanzaniaTME Education workshops in St. Maximilian Primary and Secondary School, Tanzania

TME Education workshop started with the class about electronic circuits. A group of 16 students could work with TME’s Electronics Experiments Kit and practice their knowledge about electronics. The next step was training on programming with Arduino-based TME Edu Kit. Finally, knowing how to construct a proper code, the students could program a robocar and set it in motion. The next day was dedicated entirely to soldering. All 25 students participating in the course could try soldering and desoldering the components on their own. In the end, TME Education had an opportunity to become a part of the school’s tradition and was invited to plant an avocado tree in its orchard.

TME Education's tree in the chools orchard. TME Education's tree in the chools orchard TME Education training on solderingTME Education training on soldering

The next step of the journey was Ifunda Secondary School in Iringa. The institution provides classes for 1500 students, 1250 boys and 250 girls, aged from 5 to 18. It is one of the most well-known technical schools, and its unofficial name among the Tanzanians is “The Ifunda Tech”.

The secondary school provides courses within two systems - PCM (physics, chemistry, math) and BCP (biology, chemistry, physics). The vocational unit prepares the future specialists in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Electrical and Electronics. TME Education workshop on electronic circuits was attended by 70 students of electronics and other disciplines. This was a great opportunity to show how some seemingly distant subjects can correlate and influence each other in real life.

Agnieszka Jankowska, TME Education Team