Report for TME Education training at Skillslink College, Kenya.

During the month of May, TME Education Ambassador in Kenya carried out a workshop at Skillslink Technical College. The college is located in Machakos town, Eastern Kenya. The school offers technical training which is established under TVETA Kenya (Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority). There is an electrical/electronics engineering course among classes offered by the school.

Nine students and three teachers participated in the workshop. The training focused on comprehensive, electronics, hands-on skills. The students learned workshop safety rules, how to operate basic electronics tools and construct electrical circuits. Prior to the training, the majority of participants had never used prototyping platforms such as a breadboard. The workshop exposed them to such useful tools. The participating teachers were actively involved in the workshop and contributed immensely to the training. Microcontroller programming has been a new concept for students. The ambassador introduced the basics of physical computing using TME Education Arduino Kit. This was achieved by running some sample Arduino projects and consequently manipulating the codes. By the end of the training, the students had gained lifelong skills applicable in their field of study and work.

Kelvin Kangethe, TME Education Ambassador in Kenya