Report: TME Education Ghana at Pilot Training Institute.

In April, TME Education ambassador in Ghana, Patrick Effraim, conducted training at Pilot Training Institute. The institution was established in 1970 by the National Vocational Training Institute. Its aim is to provide quality training so its graduates would meet the requirements of the modern technological world. The Institute offers courses in disciplines like carpentry, joinery, construction, electronics, welding, mechanical engineering and many others. The students are taught competency-based vocational skills and are often encouraged to follow the career path of self-employment, entrepreneurship and constant improvement.

The two-week-long intensive teacher training took place in the third week of April. Moreover, 10 students from the electronics department joined the workshops. The objective of the training was to introduce the students to Arduino programming and circuit designing.
Patrick started by presenting various kinds of Arduino microcontrollers and in the following days, the TME-EDU-ARD-2 was used. The students learned the hardware and software structure, as well as programming and basic circuit design. By the end of the training, they were able to build a simple programming code to read from ldr pir, use sensors and control LEDs.

Patrick Effraim, TME Education ambassador in Ghana