Arduino Day 2019 with TME Education (Video Report)

Arduino Day is an international event that commemorates the birthday of this highly popular microcontroller. The celebrations are organized annually and attract thousands of enthusiasts in different continents and countries every year. In 2018, TME Education participated in Arduino Day for the first time and co-organized the celebrations in Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Egypt. In 2019 the project marked its presence on the Arduino’s map in 17 African countries and India.

All the events were conducted by TME Education Ambassadors, 22 talented and proactive people who are engaged in teaching electronics and changing the reality around them to the better. The participants could attend lectures, practical sessions based on TME-EDU-ARD-2, the project’s educational device built around Arduino Uno, and present their own ideas. The event was open for programmers, hobbyists, students and everyone, who wanted to learn about Arduino. It attracted dozens of electronics enthusiasts in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Eswatini, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritania, Tunisia Zambia, Mozambique, India, Tanzania and Egypt.

TME Education has been using Arduino since the very beginning of the project. One of the first kits, TME-EDU-ARD-1 was based on Arduino Uno, and its successor, TME-EDU-ARD-2 is used during numerous workshops conducted by the project. Currently, TME Education is working on more Arduino-based solutions to be launched.

Agnieszka Jankowska, TME Education Team