You teach - you learn

Take your future into your hands and create a better one for your community!

Education is the key, education is the future! Nowadays these statements are some of the most frequently repeated slogans of numerous educational campaigns all over the world. They might come in different forms and word combinations but the sense is the same – education should be a priority investment.

We believe that education is not only providing knowledge but also passing it down within communities. A philosophy you teach - you learn is very important in TME Education. It means developing a sense of responsibility, encouraging the spirit of sharing and enhancing the exchange of information in an organic way. In other words, educating a member of a community is not only providing education to one person, but also giving a chance for development to the local society.

In our project, we pay particular attention to the process of teaching. For us, it is not only providing information. Teaching is an attitude, practice and aiming for a better future. That is why one of our most important initiatives is establishing an ambassador. We mean a person that would not only provide technical knowledge but also spread the you teach - you learn spirit among the students.

Education is the future indeed. However, in order to fully apprehend the meaning of this statement we need to understand how this future can be formed. For us, shaping better reality starts with giving tools and autonomy of thinking to those, who are willing to exercise their capacity, broaden their knowledge and make a difference by using what they have learnt to solve their communities’ problems.

Agnieszka Jankowska, TME Education Team