TME Education Workshop at Himalayan Progressive School Kichaa UK

Himalayan Progressive School is one of the best educational institutions of Uttarakhand, India offering high school and intermediate education. The School is strategically located in Kichh, near the fast developing industrial hub of India (SIDCUL). It is attended by 800 students and offers root level education to them. Main subjects are science, math and English. TME Education Ambassador in India, Sachin Rana, visited the school and conducted a 5-day long training session for all classes’ students, mostly 6th, 7th, 11th and 12th grade. The workshop was attended by over 300 students and none of them had any knowledge about STEM and DBL. These two concepts were first introduced to the lower level class students, after that Sachin targeted basic electronics and Arduino programming. The training started with an explanation of what STEM & DBL are. During the first two days training covered the topic in STEM methodology and Design based learning concepts by some DBL activities. Next two days were dedicated to the basics of electronics and Arduino programming, the latter being conducted with a help of TME Education Kit. During the practical part, the students were divided into groups in order to facilitate the learning process. Within these two days, they got to know how to use a breadboard for circuit prototyping, blink led with Arduino, read a digital button input and analog input as well.
Practical approach motivated the students to develop their skills. The last day of training covered the topics in Advance Arduino programming (based on TME Education Kit) or IoT. The ambassador introduced Arduino platform as a handy tool for prototyping and 3D printing. Later on, he explained the 3D design software, common materials used in 3D printing, a variety of types of 3D printers etc. The students interacted with BLE, WIFI, LORA technologies and became familiar with them.
On this day all the participants ended with certificates in their hands.

Sachin Rana, TME Education Ambassador in India