Spring Activities in Eswatini and Mozambique.

During two months, March and April 2021, several workshops and educational meetings were conducted. One of them, especially worth mentioning was the one in Eswatini under the vigilant eye of our ambassador, Hani Sisimile.

Hani successfully gathered a bunch of new, eager to learn students. They got to know the basics of electronics and seemed quite fond of building simple prototypes. Hani’s KaSomjalse Community also hosted the Arduino Day, which resulted in being a massive achievement, attracting many participants who looked pretty intrigued and interested in the TME Education program. In a nutshell, our Eswatini ambassador’s actions helped almost 20 attendees to expand knowledge in building circuits, solving electronic equations, understanding the basics of electronics theory and Arduino programming.

Another significant and productive undertaking was the one carried out in Mozambique by Frederico Zile. It took place at the Instituto Medio Profissional de Gestão e Tecnologias where two wokshops were held. The main participants were students of 2nd degree of electronic engineering and 1st-degree students of computer engineering from two universities in the city of Maputo. Concepts of a resistor, a capacitor, inductor, Arduino microcontroller, electrical quantities or Ohm’s law were only a few of many objectives explained during the workshops. March and April turned out to be really busy months for our ambassadors and the participants of their workshops and labs. TME Education projects constantly take place all over the entire Africa and the ones mentioned above were solely one of many. Thanks to fruitful cooperation between the representatives and local institutions we are able to spread educational initiatives with considerable success.

Kacper Stawiany, TME Education Team