Report: TME Education training at Six Sigma Institute of Technology & Science.

Six Sigma Institute of Technology & Science is one of the premier Institute of Uttarakhand, India offering Diploma in Engineering. The Institute is strategically located in Rudrapur, near the fast-developing industrial hub of India (SIDCUL) and has a population of 1200 students.

The institution offers various engineering courses, for instance, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering and Computer Science. After completion of a course, students get a diploma.
TME Education Ambassador in India, Sachin Rana, visited the institution and conducted a 5-day-long training session for Electrical and Electronics Department. Students of all three grades (1st, 2nd, 3rd year) participated in the classes. There were about 105 attendees and all of them had some basic knowledge about electronics and Arduino programming. The first two days covered the topics in basic electronics concepts and an introduction to Arduino programming. The classes were conducted with hands-on experiments attitude and based on TME-EDU-ARD-2.

During the practical part, the students were divided into two groups due to their large number. In these two days, they got to know how to use a breadboard for circuit making, blink LED with Arduino, push buttons and learnt about digital and analogue input/output concepts of Arduino. The practical approach motivated the students to improve their skills. During the last three days of training, Sachin covered the topics in Advance Arduino programming with TME-EDU-ARD-2, IOT Use case, Python in IOT and its application. He also spoke on how IIOT changes the industry and gave a motivational speech for the students. The ambassador introduced IOT, IIOT by showcasing some demos and presenting some interesting IOT, IIOT project videos. Later on, he followed covering the IoT gateway, sensors network in IOT, IIOT. The students interacted with BLE, WIFI, LORA technologies and became familiar with them. The certificates were issued on the last day and the ambassador vowed to return back to the institution for more training.

Sachin Rana, TME Education Ambassador in India