Arduino Day 2019 with TME Education Mozambique.

TME Education co-organized Arduino Day 2019 in seventeen African countries and India. Mozambique was one of the locations. On March 16, TME Education Ambassador, Frederico Zile, invited Arduino enthusiasts to join the celebrations at the Faculty of Engineering of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. The event was attended by 129 participants from 13 different institutions and consisted of various lectures, project demonstrations, a debate on electronics and a final competition. The workshop was divided into subsections. The first one focused on students who had never had any contact with electronics and Arduino programming. For this group, the tutors prepared a set of experiments based on some basic electronic components included in TME’s Electronics Experiments Kit. The participants from two other groups already had some knowledge about electronics, but not much experience with Arduino programming. For them, the organizers prepared practical classes based on TME-EDU-ARD-2. As for the final challenge, there were three projects competing for the main prize: a mobile-application-controlled smart home, smart car park and an agricultural robot. All of them were evaluated under the following criteria:

  1. based on Arduino;
  2. solves a real problem;
  3. is safe to use;
  4. shows creativity;
  5. has good design.

The winner was “smart car park”. This Arduino-based project was designed to visualize the vacant and occupied spots at a parking lot. According to the author of the winning project, the main objective was to develop an effective method to manage the circulation of automobiles in the search of places to park within establishments, saving time and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

Arduino Day 2019 with TME Education Mozambique Arduino Day 2019 with TME Education Mozambique Arduino Day 2019 with TME Education Mozambique

Arduino Day 2019 with TME Education Mozambique

Agnieszka Jankowska, TME Education Team