TME Education Kenya training in Kisumu County.

In the month of June, TME Education Kenya expanded its reach as the project ambassador, Kelvin Kangethe, visited Kisumu county, located on the western side of the country, courtesy of Edwin Abudho, a priest at Nyabondo Parish. The ambassador toured several schools and was able to conduct both program outreach and workshop.
The aim of the outreach was to introduce TME Education program to the region. This exposed the schools to opportunities in technological and electronics education.
On the first week, Kelvin conducted a workshop at St. Hilarius Mixed Secondary School with a group of 24 students. The training equipped the students with electronics-based knowledge and they had an opportunity to interact with TME Education learning tools. Engaging the group in technology-related discussions, served as an eye-opener for them to realize their potential and ability to impact their communities through technology. Towards the end of the training, most of the students had changed their attitude towards engineering. In the same week, the ambassador also visited Nyabondo Medical and Training College and Sigoti Girls Complex Secondary School, where he held talks with the teachers and students to ignite their passion for science and technology. On the second week, Kelvin conducted a workshop at Nyabondo Boys Boarding Primary School and Nyabondo Girls Boarding Primary School. At Nyabondo Boys Boarding Primary School, the training was attended by 20 students aged between 10 - 13 from grade four to six. The youngsters were curious to learn electronics and experiment out their ideas. After taking a few lessons in electricity and basic electronics, they were able to carry out simple projects like connecting an RGB LED, powering a motor from a solar panel and building other simple circuits on a breadboard. Learning how to operate a laptop was also a great achievement for the students.
On the last day, all the participants were awarded a certificate. The ambassador also toured Dirubi Secondary School and Kabondo Mixed Secondary School and introduced the TME Education program there.

Kelvin Kangethe, TME Education Ambassador in Kenya