Training at Waithaka Vocational Training Center Report

During the month of July, TME Education ambassador, Kelvin Kangethe conducted training at Waithaka Vocational Training Centre located along Kikuyu road, Nairobi. The institution empowers youth through the provision of accessible, appropriate and quality training in technical, vocational, industrial, entrepreneurship and life skills. Some of the courses offered at the institution include electrical installation and electronics, carpentry and joinery, welding and fabrication among others. The objective of the workshop was to introduce electronics and microcontroller programming to the participating students, to enhance their creativity and equip them with the core skills required in the job market. Using TME Education Electronics Experiments Kit, the students were introduced to the basics of electronics in a practical approach. They gained some hands-on skills and were able to build circuit projects on a breadboard and conduct basic troubleshooting. Knowing how to read and make measurements is vital for electronics students, therefore, the participants learned how to use a multimeter. They practised reading different parameters like voltage, current and resistance.
Last week of the workshop was focused on Arduino, by using TME-EDU-ARD-2. By creating and manipulating sample Arduino projects, the participants gained knowledge of microcontrollers and their power and capability to create innovative electronic projects. The ambassador will visit the institution in the third semester to impart more knowledge and skills to the students.

Kelvin Kangethe, TME Education Ambassador in Kenya