TME Education Ambassador mentoring Young Innovators in Kenya

TME Education ambassador, Kelvin Kangethe, was invited as one of the mentors at Innovate Kenya Camp. It’s a national invention challenge for youth, run by an NGO called Global minimum. The program elicits project proposals from young people around the country and offers design workshops, seed funding, and mentorship to select finalists in order for them to develop their conceptual projects into tangible solutions that positively affect their community.
The April boot camp took place at St. Christopher’s school in Karen from April 7 till April 13, 2019. The ambassador mentored a team of three high school students working on a project Prioritize cleanliness” The idea was to create a machine that collects garbage to curb environmental pollution.
As a mentor, Kelvin was tasked with assisting the team with technical knowledge and motivating them to reach their full potential. Together with their mentor, the team conducted research pertaining to environmental pollution in their country, explored other already implemented solutions and came up with ideas on how to make them better.
Apart from the technical aspects, the ambassador was also able to instil some important interpersonal skills to his team, such as collaboration, effective communication, and teamwork. With assistance from Kelvin, the team was able to create a simple prototype of the idea using a robotic kit from Global Robotics camp. The young innovators gained some mechanical and electronics skills while making the prototype.
The ambassador vowed to support the team also after the camp, so they could research more and learn how to integrate IOT in the project. During the one-week boot camp, Kelvin and his team had interacted and learned a lot from each other.

Kelvin Kangethe