Can't wait to see more? Check out the project of Team Uganda!

The sum-up of Inventor's Month with TME Education is now reaching episode 3! How did you like the project of Team India and Tanzania? Check out the Egg Incubator by Team Uganda! Inventor’s Month with TME Education - Community Changemakers was an action launched in June 2019. Its aim was to promote the project internationally through a benevolent initiative executed by the TME Education team based in Poland and the project’s ambassadors. The action consisted of several stages - project proposal, evaluation and construction. At the beginning of August 2019, a month internationally recognized as Inventor's Month, the team in Poland received 16 different projects to choose from. After a detailed evaluation, the jury decided to carry out five of the proposals and sent the necessary equipment to the teams.

Egg Incubator was designed as a smart and cheaper alternative for commercially produced devices. Made locally to serve the local community.

Check out how it was constructed and how it works!