Report on TME Education Workshop in Saraf Public School Khatima, UK

In the month of September TME Education ambassador in India, Sachin Rana conducted workshops at Saraf Public School. The institution is one of the best industry-oriented schools in the country, offering high school and intermediate education with a greater focus on science, math and English. It is located in Khatami UK within the Polyplex campus and provides education to over 700 students.

TME Education workshops lasted for five days and were attended by more than fifty students. Most of the participants already had some basic knowledge of electronics and Arduino, therefore, Sachin could start off with brushing their skills first. The first two days of training covered the topic of basic electronics, making circuits on a breadboard and embedded system concepts. The students could experience Arduino programming through the hands-on-experiments model using TME Education Kit. During the next two days, they came to know how to use a blink led, button operation with digital and analogue input/output concepts of Arduino, various types of sensors like DHT11, distance sensor, gas sensor, etc.

The practical approach motivated the students to develop their skills. The ambassador introduced the Arduino platform for easy prototyping and 3D printing concepts. Later on, he followed covering the 3D design software, materials used in 3D printing and a real demo of 3D printing by a demo design. The students interacted with BLE, WIFI, LORA technologies and became familiar with them.

Sachin Rana, TME Education Ambassador in India